THE COMPULSORY RULES OF SMAFOUR Copyright © CV Cakrawala Milenia Jaya, 2019 The writer: The Students of XI MIPA 2 SMA N 4 Cibinong ISBN: 978-623-92027-1-2 Editor: Neneng Hendriyani Lay outer: Cecep Suparman Cover designer: Publisher: Cakrawala Milenia Jaya Bumi Karadenan Permai Blok AA 8 No. 11-12 Cibinong – Bogor Jawa Barat Telp. 08136336202 – 085715773482 web: first print, October 2019

“Discipline is the bridge between goals and accomplishment” (Jim Rohn)

“If we don’t discipline ourselves, the world will do it for us” (William Feather)

Writing a book is not our dream before. It occurred as it was when our English teacher, Neneng Hendriyani, M.Pd., asked us to write about analytical exposition text. Her idea to compile all writings from six groups of students in our class then made it a book for our portopholio was very interesting. We were very excited to hear about it. Thus, we tried to write as best as we could about THE RULES FOR STUDENTS OF SMA N 4 Cibinong done by the during this odd semester of academic year 2019/2020. Actually it was not easy to persuade readers about the best entrepreneurship activities done by the students. Thus we should discuss it well for two weeks before writing them. Although at the first time we did not know how to start, at last by following our English teacher instructions, such as interviewing some teachers, we could do it well. Now, here is our result; a book of THE COMPULSORY RULES OF SMAFOUR.

Bogor, October 2019 Students of XI MIPA 2

The Rules in SMAFOUR

Rule means a dynamic condition that creates harmony and balance in the order of living together as the beings of the god’s. In the school life condition reflects order in association, in the use and maintenance of means/infrastructure, the use of time, management of administration and in managing relationships with the community and environment. The rule of the school is put in place by the rules of school, and it is organized operationally to regulate the behavior and attitudes of the students lives. In order to implement government regulation number 19 of 2007 about standard management of education by the primary and secondary education unit needs to establish school regulation on the students order. Remember: 1. Act number 20 0f 2003 on the national education system. 2. Government rule number 19 of 2005 on the national standard of education establish “The school’s rules of the students order”. Rules are actions that must do and not do that should be agreed upon and bound to a group of people in order to achieve a common goal. School rules serve to organize all activities in school. School activities will run smoothly and regularly when school subjects abide by the rules. Sanctions or punishments are imposed if any student violates the rules. Punishment must match the degree of mistake, which means the law must be pair.

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EXCULS IN SMAFOUR Copyright © CV Cakrawala Milenia Jaya, 2019 The writer: The Students of XI IPA 7 SMA N 4 Cibinong ISBN: 978-623-92027-0-5 Editor: Neneng Hendriyani Lay outer: Cecep Suparman Cover designer: Publisher: Cakrawala Milenia Jaya Bumi Karadenan Permai Blok AA 8 No. 11-12 Cibinong – Bogor Jawa Barat Telp. 08136336202 – 085715773482 web: First print, October 2019

“Excellence is never an accident. It is always the result of high intention, sincere effort, and intelligent execution; it represents the wise choice of many alternatives – choice, not chance, determines your destiny” (Aristotle)

Studying in SMAFOUR is our dream that become true. Here we learn together to pursue our dreams and future. We don’t only learn about many subjects that very important for us based on national curriculum but also about many things useful for developing our talents and abilities. There are so many events done in SMAFOUR. We can join them based on our interests and talents. Everyone is free to join whatever she or he wants. For us who likes sport can join sport events after joining some sport extracurriculars. For us who like dancing also can join culture events performs in this school. We only have to join one of student organizations or extracurriculars which is suitable for us. For us who love to join the events as member of committee can join OSIS or MPPK first. Then with other students from many classes can arrange the events well. So, it is easy, isn’t it? Now, writing all events done in SMAFOUR is our duty that given by our English teacher, Neneng Hendriyani, M.Pd. She divided us into six groups with different topics of events done. Then, based on interview, observation as well as our own experiences we write them here. May all readers love in reading our simple writings and get many useful information from this book.

Bogor, October 2nd, 2019 The Students of XI IPA 7 SMA N 4 Cibinong

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Enrichment Book For XI SMK Based on Curriculum 2013 Revision

ENGLISH ENRICHMENT BOOK FOR XI SMK BASED ON CURRICULUM 2013 REVISION Copyright © 2018 Neneng Hendriyani, M.Pd. Hak Cipta Dilindungi Undang-undang All Right Reserved

ISBN: 978-602-52072-8-0 Editor: Neneng Hendriyani Desain Sampul:Boedy Why Tata Letak: Cecep Suparman

Cetakan Pertama, September 2018

Penerbit Cakrawala Milenia Jaya Bumi Karadenan Permai Blok AA8 No.11-12 Cibinong – Bogor Jawa Barat Telp. 08136336202 – 085715773482 web:

Hendriyani, Neneng English Enrichment Book For XI SMK Based On Curriculum 2013 Revision; Editor, Neneng Hendriyani -cet.1-2018 Ukuran: 14.8 x 21 Jumlah halaman ix+122

Teaching English in Vocational School is a little bit different than Senior High School. It is because of job training program is done in Vocational High School, especially in grade XI. Thus, all English teachers should prepare many things when they want to teach English in this school. One of the preparation is designing suitable materials that can be learned easily by the students who are doing job training at industry. This enrichment book is one of English teacher solution in designing suitable materials for vocational high school students who are doing job training for at least three months in industry/company. All English materials that should be taught based on Curriculum 2013 revision are designed completely on this book. Therefore, students can learn them easily by themselves. The learning activities here are for individual tasks, not group. It is based on the writer opinion that if the activities done by group, the students will face many obstacles in providing time to learn, do, and practice them with their partners. So, to make them easy all activities on this book are done only by themselves. It is also to support them to read many related sources according to the basic competency.


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Bunga Rampai Goresan Pena Guru Jawa Barat


ISBN: 978-602-52072-3

Editor: Neneng Hendriyani

Desain Sampul: whyboedy

Tata Letak: Ade Ayu Putrigati

Cetakan Pertama, Juli 2018

Penerbit Cakrawala Milenia Jaya Bumi Karadenan Permai Blok AA8 No.11-12 Cibinong – Bogor Jawa Barat Telp. 08136336202 – 085715773482 web:

Yamini, Sri. Bunga Rampai Goresan Pena Guru Jawa Barat /Sri Yamini,; Editor, Neneng Hendriyani cet.1-2018 Ukuran: 14.8 x 21 Jumlah Halaman x+81

Harga: Rp. 50.000,00

Buku antologi ini merupakan buku yang berisi kumpulan opini para guru yang mengajar di wilayah provinsi Jawa Barat mengenai pendidikan yang sedang booming dewasa ini. Para guru yang menulis di dalam antologi ini berasal dari berbagai jenjang pendidikan, seperti SD, SMP, SMA, dan SMK. Dengan berbagai mata pelajaran yang diampunya penulis berusaha menyampaikan ilmu pengetahuan, dan wawasan yang telah diperolehnya setelah mengikuti berbagai seminar, workshop, diklat daring dan luring kepada seluruh masyarakat dengan cara menuliskan opininya dalam antologi ini. Melalui karya sederhana ini para guru yang tergabung dalam Pena Guru Jawa Barat ini berusaha mengajak semua pihak untuk berpikir kritis mengenai berbagai hal yang terjadi di sekitar kita. Lewat tulisannya mengenai Tips Menulis dari Pelatihan Menulis Buku, Ibu Sri Yamini mengajak semua orang terutama guru untuk mulai membiasakan diri menulis dalam berbagai tema. Pendidikan Keluarga sebagai sokoguru utama dalam mendidik generasi penerus bangsa berusaha ditonjolkan kembali oleh Ibu Neneng Hendriyani. Melalui kesadaran sebagai ibu dan istri, ia mengajak semua perempuan Indonesia untuk menyadari fitrahnya sebagai pendidik yang utama bagi generasi penerus bangsa. Sejalan dengan tulisan sebelumnya, Ibu Ade Supartini mengingatkan pembaca bahwa Pendidikan karakter adalah strategi yang tepat untuk mendidik anak zaman now. Ibu Erni Wardhani lewat kegemarannya meneliti fenomena Bahasa alay di medsos berupaya mengingatkan pembaca pentingnya meningkatkan kemampuan berbahasa Indonesia yang baik dan benar. Generasi zaman now yang sering dianggap sebagai generasi micin ini disinyalir masih perlu mendapatkan pembinaan dalam menggunakan Bahasa nasional yang baik dan tepat. Peran pemerintah dan masyarakat sangat diharapkan dalam membangun kesadaran generasi micin ini. Demikian Ibu Erni Wardhani berpendapat dalam tulisannya tersebut. Makin berkembangnya dunia teknologi informasi saat ini menyebabkan gap yang cukup besar bagi orang tua dan anak. Menurut Ibu Erni Wardhani, orang tua yang sering dijuluki sebagai imigran di dunia digital tersebut harus menyesuaikan diri dengan anak-anak yang menjadi kaum native digital. Hal ini perlu dilakukan mengingat anak perlu didampingi dalam memanfaatkan teknologi dan informasi yang begitu mudah diaksesnya demi meminimalisir dampak negative jangka panjangnya.

Gegap gempitanya dunia Pendidikan menyambut kelahiran kurikulum baru pada tahun 2013 disambut oleh Ibu Kartika melalui tulisannya yang apik. Ia mengulas kurikulum tersebut dengan Bahasa yang ringan dan enak dibaca. Ya, kurikulum 2013 tidak sulit untuk diterapkan namun juga tidak mudah untuk dipahami oleh seluruh pihak. Oleh karena itu tepat sekali apa yang disampaikannya; gampang-gampang susah kurikulum 2013. Bagi orang tua yang sibuk bekerja seharian tentu pilihan menyekolahkan anaknya di sekolah yang menerapkan system full day school adalah pilihan yang tak bisa dihindari. Selain lebih aman dan dapat ikut mengawasi anak, full day school ini ternyata memiliki sisi lain yang perlu dicermati Bersama. Ibu Imas Mulyati dengan piawai membawa pembacanya untuk lebih merenungkan kembali sisi negatif full day school. Permasalahan klasik seputar UNBK rupanya menelisik rasa ingin tahu Ibu Imas Mulyati sehingga beliau memilih judul Indonesia, siapkah ber-UNBK? Tulisan ini sangat bernas sekali dan mudah dipahami oleh siapa pun yang ingin ikut serta meningkatkan kualitas evaluasi, penilaian, dan kemampuan para siswa melalui ajang tahunan tersebut. Seluruh keberhasilan di dunia Pendidikan tidak pernah lepas dari disiplin positif yang dimiliki oleh seluruh pihak yang terkait. Ibu Salmi dari SMK Negeri 6 Bandung menjelaskan dengan gamblang mengenai disisplin positif tersebut.

Selain itu ia pun melalui tulisannya mengajak siapa pun untuk membuat resolusi yang SMART. Resolusi SMART ini dapat membantu setiap individu untuk meraih impian dan cita-citanya dengan mudah. Tips-tips yang diberikannya sangat mudah untuk dijalani. So, tunggu apa lagi ayo baca hingga tuntas buku ini.

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