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“Discipline is the bridge between goals and accomplishment” (Jim Rohn)

“If we don’t discipline ourselves, the world will do it for us” (William Feather)

Writing a book is not our dream before. It occurred as it was when our English teacher, Neneng Hendriyani, M.Pd., asked us to write about analytical exposition text. Her idea to compile all writings from six groups of students in our class then made it a book for our portopholio was very interesting. We were very excited to hear about it. Thus, we tried to write as best as we could about THE RULES FOR STUDENTS OF SMA N 4 Cibinong done by the during this odd semester of academic year 2019/2020. Actually it was not easy to persuade readers about the best entrepreneurship activities done by the students. Thus we should discuss it well for two weeks before writing them. Although at the first time we did not know how to start, at last by following our English teacher instructions, such as interviewing some teachers, we could do it well. Now, here is our result; a book of THE COMPULSORY RULES OF SMAFOUR.

Bogor, October 2019 Students of XI MIPA 2

The Rules in SMAFOUR

Rule means a dynamic condition that creates harmony and balance in the order of living together as the beings of the god’s. In the school life condition reflects order in association, in the use and maintenance of means/infrastructure, the use of time, management of administration and in managing relationships with the community and environment. The rule of the school is put in place by the rules of school, and it is organized operationally to regulate the behavior and attitudes of the students lives. In order to implement government regulation number 19 of 2007 about standard management of education by the primary and secondary education unit needs to establish school regulation on the students order. Remember: 1. Act number 20 0f 2003 on the national education system. 2. Government rule number 19 of 2005 on the national standard of education establish “The school’s rules of the students order”. Rules are actions that must do and not do that should be agreed upon and bound to a group of people in order to achieve a common goal. School rules serve to organize all activities in school. School activities will run smoothly and regularly when school subjects abide by the rules. Sanctions or punishments are imposed if any student violates the rules. Punishment must match the degree of mistake, which means the law must be pair.

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